update.. update

sebenernya aku bingung sih mo nulis apa klo inget" uda lamaaaaaaaaa banget aq ga update ni blog, coz , aq sendiri akhir" ni malah ga minat nulis..
and sometimes i just think about delete my accounts, bcoz i have many accounts, from facebook, twitter, plurk, formspring, blogger, tumblr, dll.
im not as active as before..

hmm.. ya, klo aq menulis pasti hal-hal yang ga penting, tapi kali ini lebih ga penting, malah menjurus ke arah yang tak sebaiknya dilihat saking ngga pentingnya

oke , kemaren" gw ikut lomba writing essay, and i'm not sure wif my essay. i mean, that's really worst. i made it in 1 night -exactly in 4hours- wif general topic n im sure , others is more better than mine..
when i had submitted it , i gave to my friend to read it.. ok, her opinion was not like wat i want, she said that i won't win it.. really, it makes me come down.. aq hanya butuh hiburan kok, walaupun aq bilang u can give ur critic, but that's not wat i mean.

tomorrow will be a WORST day for me.. i haven't made my assignment since 1 week ago. because i always forget to buy drawing book and ruler. ohhh.. my bad.. i hate this.. :((
and when i really need it right now, my mom acts like she doesnt care and that really makes me angry!!! wat the hell is that! suck!

huh.. i dun like to curse my parents, but this, has been passed my patience line.
i hope i could finish all things tomorrow.. i really hate time trying to chase me.==


  1. senpai jgaa
    really hate if being chased by time -_-
    pr" makin banyak aja nih... khususya Indoo

  2. sori telat bales. hehe
    iaa nii.. huhu.. mau bagi rapor aja masih dkejer waktu.. >.<