Journal 130: The past that I don't regret

I remember it so clear when I was young, still in high school, it's like 5 and half years ago, I had this wild imagination of helping my friends and getting my own chance to finally get close to this person. I made a bizarre , stupid lie to that person, and somehow, that lie made us become further than before. We never spoke to each other anymore, not even chatting through social media. That person, might not be my first crush, but I remembered that I like that person because that person is fun, cute, kind and good to many people. I like that person because that person is unique, that person made me see that this world is not as boring and flat as I thought. Actually, I didn't regret it. I didn't regret that lie, because somehow, it was my childish way to get closer to that person. It was my one time chance to be with that person. but what can i do when that person was already together with my friend? I don't even know it, until one year passed. it was a big hit to me, I like that person so much, but I don't wanna hate my friend, because I like my friend too. It was childish, but I don't regret it. That person is one of my memory, a very high spirit memory. lol

and many other stupid things I have done when I was young. well, it's weird to say "when i was young" since , clearly, i'm still considered as young though. ;)

that person might be my first love , but maybe in any sequence of many of my crush. i don't know. that person is the kind of person that i would love to be, being kind and fun, sincere and unique. too bad we don't even contact each other now. :)

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