Journal 129: Di(e)ssertation

Finally, my end semester... however, the end is still quite long way to go and I need to face the biggest obstacle ever happen in my uni life: DISSERTATION. yes, that's what you need to do to graduate from uni, get to go to your convocation, finally leaving the uni for good, but you need to do an in-depth research of a topic that related to your course first.

I think I'm in deep sh*t now as I'm very very bad in doing research.. I hate research, except for finding things that I'm interested in, although even I'm interested in one thing, I won't do a thorough research, just the surface. in-depth research is something I hate. I need to collect information and all and do the questionnaires, and before that I can't even think a single topic that I want to search since I'm a natural curious person. I'm curious in everything and after I knew about it, I will leave it alone and on quest to find other things. but I won't do in-depth findings, you got me there?

I need people to help me now to get through this, I don't know how to do it in the first place. I have no freaking idea about this. huhuhu. I was hoping my lecturer can help me, but she said we must do it by ourselves. and fyi, I'm a person who needs to read a manual book just to operate a smartphone so that I won't do anything wrong or outsmarted by my phone. manual book is important, it guides you to things you gonna explore later. they guide you to not doing anything foolish. hahaha

wish me luck in doing this dissertation. hope i can finish it with a flying colour~ hahaha. yeah, i just wish to pass this dissertation and be done with it. but i will give my best too, don't think otherwise. :p

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