Journal 119: feisty little lady

Wake up in the morning, feeling like to do anything with my laptop and end up having an urge to update my blog. Nee, it has been a while, right? :D and suddenly I got this idea because of one word "feisty". I never know its meaning until I crossed over it yesterday in a novel and because I was soooo curious of its meaning, I searched it in Google and said: spirited, excitable(?), on the other hand it could be mean, easily angered. well, I think, people who have this feisty character must be full of spirit (me too me too!) and feeling like to change my blog link to that name. lol.

I was very busy lately (finally I admit it
that I am damn busy since most of my friends complaining that I got no time to have lunch together with them because of my class assignment and the number of clubs that I join automatically fill up my time to even have a decent dinner. Meetings and events has become my word-of-this-semester. :)) I love being active and actually I don't regret that I am busy. I hate being idle and wait for jobs, so I am looking for it and happy and content with it. :))

What I realize nowadays, in my surrounding, is that most of the youngster nowadays (feel so old already, eh, jess?), they loooooveeee to call people with animals name. I don't know why their friends are okay with it, like, being called "anjing" (dog) or "setan" (satan) or "babi" (pig). This concerns me a lot as your parents has given you a very nice name (which maybe some has meaning behind it) but you accept being called animal by your friends. Please, insist your friend to call your name, otherwise, don't answer them. I am serious. Dead serious. You are what you are, not what they want you to be. (if you are afraid of the peer pressure, sorry, but I think you deserve better than being together with a "friend" who call you a "dog")

anddddd cursing. oh well, I do curse sometimes, when I am totally pissed off, but that's not the problem. Being piss off is another excuse for you to curse, however, this doesn't mean you need to put every damn f*cking curse in every f*cking your words. lol. I still remember what my mom did to me if I curse, she will tap my mouth (not very hard, of course) as a reminder for me not to curse or say bad words because it will be a habit and it is very rude. I still do it if I keep cursing without realizing it and yeah, I tap my mouth to stop and think about another positive things to brighten my mood.

I hope people will less cursing and think of more positive sides of life. Less cursing also will lessen your conflict with others (I HOPE so) :)))

Have a nice day!!

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