Journal 117 : Happy New Year

First post in 2014! yeay yeay yeay! First of all, I wanna say, Happy New Year 2014!!! Yohoooo~ hope in this new year, we are all given a very happy, joyous, and prosperous year ahead us. wish everyone a merry christmas 2013 too, couldn't post for December 2013 because I have no internet in my house. it's okay, I didn't feel too frustrated, I enjoy my holiday, spending my time with my family, converse more with them more than what I can do if I still have internet at home.

now, i am back to the place called 2nd home. haha. i have to start my internship after new year, and here i am, 3rd day, drained out of energy. hahaha. i can't even think what I want to write here. actually, i thought of things that I want to post here, but I forgot them already.

I haven't cleaned up my room. tomorrow, i promised myself, i must clean everything, room, laundry, bed, ironing. life is so messed up when you are tired, body and mind. what i want to do after coming back from work is sleep. and the next day is working , and i need to wake up early morning to catch up the train, i have no time to online. maybe this is time for me to learn that online is not good if i'm going to work professionally. i mean, online in social media, not online for working. i do online actually like sending email, looking for something in google. it is all online related to my professional side, not socializing for my personal wants.

actually , in my opinion, this is my first time I'm doing internship, first time working in a professional environment, not as a volunteer. I am paid with salary (although in my opinion, it's under standard, but it's okay) i gain experience. I like that what I have studied in class, i can know how to apply it, that what I have learnt in the class is not something useless. and actually working is not a playground. it is serious and need a big effort. before i worked , i always think of being a tour guide or a tour leader, opening my own travel agent. i know it sounds simple for me at that time, soooo shallow actually. and here i am, experiencing it first hand although as an intern/trainee, i know that building a travel agent is not that easy. the hard work that you need to give is 24/7, 365 days, the whole year, because everyone is going around, and as you give services, you need to be prepared every time. but it's worth it. building connection is the most damn important thing in service industry. seriously, i always think it's only a text book answer, but yes, it is an answer in your real life. open yourself , and you'll get more chances that you may never find if you keep staying in your cubicle without talking to anyone outside there, only staying in your circle.

btw, i just remembered that i have written my resolution for this year. i might post it next time i don't feel too tired to open my laptop. hehehe.

every time is a lesson.

best of luck

-jes-chan <3

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