Journal 115: photograph

after a while, I realized, I supposed to ask the person whether they want their pic to be posted or tagged in Facebook. for me, I always thought that well, i am the one who took the picture, so it supposed to be my right to post it or not, but when the reality hits, the object is the one who has the full right to asked the photographer take it down or let it be. I am okay if the person that I took the picture wants me to take down their pictures, but I really hate it when they used inappropriate words such as fuck , shit, and their other family relation. do you think taking your picture worth your insults? NO! if you want me to take it down, just write you don't want to be tagged, or you want me to delete the picture, i will obey it. simple as that. some of people that i took the pictures are my friends, but I hate to say that even friends, i won't simply accept the insults. people never want to be in others's shoes, but they always want us in their shoes. it's hard to follow what the society wants nowadays, they are too demanding!

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