Journal 109

It has been a long time I did not write in my blog (one month is considered as long for me though). I supposed that maybe because I start writing in my notebook now, I think I prefer writing with pen rather than typing it in blog. but sometimes, because it's already such a tradition for me since 2009 I think, when I start this blog, I tend to miss writing in my blog. teehee.

even now, I'm getting busier than ever, ehm, i mean, busier than last semester. hahaha. this month is more, because it's like starting this week i have to go out of town, and PIYF is getting closer and so many things need to be done, and i think the project leader doesn't trust me to handle things because I look so blur. well, she did put me in when I'm in bad condition, the bad thing today is i just finished my CRM presentation, and I tend to blur for a day after presentation.
I just like to overworked my head for a presentation, and my group likes to make things rush and finish in 1 day. i can't even follow up with my QM class, which I intend to study more tomorrow. need to review Marketing and QM for tomorrow and e-commerce for mid-sem test this Thursday. I shall call it the end for today :|
so, back to PIYF, I hope she will trust me to do things, since yeah, I admit, I don't get a lot of experience, she's the experienced one, but I just want to gain experience too, so she just must trust me or else I might screw up. hehehe. and I want to do my best for this forum, because I just want to work together for the last time with my senior (they are going to graduate soon, they are the best though, the glue among us).

yeay, holiday is coming, deepavali, aidil adha, how i love holiday, and i wish a happy holiday for everyone. this month is so hectic, PIYF, mid-test, presentation, group assignment, what elseeee???

totally going crazy *tuktuk*

i'm so homesick right now. last sem can't go back hometown, and now haven't got my passport back, i feel so upset for them, why can't they proceed it normally, not lying to us? seriously, it's a GAP 4: Lying Gap, where the management does not give what they already promised! I think T****'s must upgrade their CRM part! :@ *apply directly to the real life!*

my my, it seems that I look unhappy, but actually I'm quite balance lately. hang out with my friend, chatting with some of them, video call, it's soothing my nerve and i like when I can talk normally to my friend, moreover, without language barrier and how they know me so well. love you guys! <3

and lately, i want to remove someone from my fb, but i'm afraid s/he might be offended. :/ though i don't mean that i don't like s/he, but i'm afraid, and want to avoid this person. is it okay for me to do so?

and that's all for today, i look like an old grumpy granny now, should end this post now. cee yaa!


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