Journal 107: Where Do I See Myself in 5 Years?

Have you ever thought about yourself in 5 years later, 8 years later, or maybe 10 years later? I just remembered this question from my accounting lecturer. She asked us to think about ourselves in the future, create the 5 top list and send it to her in e-mail, and until now, I still haven't done it. hahahahaha. I hope she didn't forget this, as I attended to send her this list soon. and now I was thinking, what am I going to be in 5 years.

  • First, of course I want to finish my degree. 2015 is my target. get a good marks, if I can get cum laude, it would be better, right? wish me good luck :)
  • Get a job in travel agent/tour operator abroad, or in resort, gain experience for 3 years work, and continue master (maybe, master is still in thinking)
  • Save money and go for traveling backpack to Singapore, Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia
  • lose 5kgs weight. (it's difficult for me to do diet, so it's not in 5 years, but this year)
  • doing more activities such as volunteering, event, road trip :)
  • Finish all of my ebooks collection!
Where do I see myself in 10 years
  • it's a lie if I didn't think of myself in marriage prospect.
  • I wanna be a manager or in high position in my company.
  • Experiencing airline industry, I'm so interested in airlines because it's challenging.
  • keep myself productive, work and maintain my weight (te-hee)
  • travel around the world (not the whole world, but most of it lah.)
  • go to the tourist destination in top 100 bucket list, before it's extinct.
I think that's all. I might have some thoughts and wants to be put inside these lists, but this is for now.
so sleepy alreadyyyy. hahahaha. good night!!!

if you do this list also, please send your post link to the comment section below! thanks!



  1. "I think that's all."
    Sumpah, jadi inget gaya ending speaking jaman sekolahan dulu hahaha :D

    1. hahahaha. because i don't have more things to say. so, that's all. lol