Journal 99 : in relationship

the title up there must make your curiosity up. everyone must be wondering, are you in a relationship? with who? when? how do you meet with your partner? and many other questions will come up. but sorry, i'm not in relationship now. but i really wanna talk about this topic tonight since it also make me soooo curious.

i have so many questions about relationship. how do you know each other, how do you guys come up with the idea being in a relationship, who ask to go out first, who propose first, why would you accept/reject them, and many others. i admit it that i have never been in relationship (romance way) with anyone before, so i'm very curious and want to start mine. i don't know how people can go out together, what do you like from him/her, why you guys can go out together for many years and not even feeling bored to each other because usually in relationship you will look at each other a lot, every day, or even every time.

and the question that come to me is will i be able to keep that relationship long, because sometimes i feel bored easily, i'm even afraid to get to know each other more. or even to start talking to him. i always ask myself, will he be interested in me? will he think of me not as a friend? will i get into his friend-zone? this relationship stuff really bring confusion to my mind. I even think it will be very great if they have a guide book to have a romantic relationship. lol

and you know, sometimes i feel envy to see couple sitting together, see each other or even like the boy doing his assignment and the girl simply accompany him, look at him adorably. and even the girl doesn't feel bored while waiting for the boy. i want to have that kind of feeling to.

and i wish that there will be someone outside there who is also waiting for me, my other half :)

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