Journal 93

i dunno why, but lately i make so many thoughts. i was thinking that it's better for me to enjoy my loneliness, although yeah i know i miss contact with people. lol. it's not that i become anti social, but now i think i will make distance between me and other people for awhile. life is not easy lately, and i have to finish my assignment, deadline is coming, and i feel too crowded also lately. i also don't have so many stories to tell about to my friends. they are still my friends , but if they forget me while i'm hibernating, it's okay, i can always find another friends. :)

and you know what, i just found out that i have collection of pen drive. 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, i have it all. hahaha. 2GB and 8GB are from my dad, he said it's better for me to have another pen drive, in case the other is lost, and i got 4GB from quiz, and 16GB because we (my class) has "a lot of" money from our tour. it's not because we make profit, but we 'give' profit to our tour. :( i hope they will return some of my money. i'm broke now. i want this bag so much http://www.charleskeith.com/INTLStore/CK/product?dest=MYS&art=CK2-50670006&color=01&source=bags

but now, it's out of stock. i don't know what to do. hiksss. i hope they still have it in Sunway Pyramid's store. and i hope my mom let me buy it. lol. i don't have any bags except my laptop bag, so i really want to have a ladies bag. :)

and i wanna buy a backpack which i can use it to put my books for school and for a short trip to put my clothes, etc. i'm afraid to use my laptop bag for trip, because i don't want it broken so fast, i still love that bag, so i want to buy a bag special for trip.

i guess i have many wish list. lol. and i just hope for magic that maybe i have enough money to buy the bags.

lately, i think went to counselling help me relieve my stress. i shared the story that i want to tell-but-i'm-too-afraid-of-my-friend's-reaction.

and i just thought about this, everyone like to talk about others behind. i don't mind if you want to talk about me behind, just please follow my rules:
  1. you are allowed to talk behind me as long as you keep it secret (don't let me know whatever it is that you dislike about me.)
  2. everyone has their own weaknesses, please advise me frankly but softly about my weaknesses, so that i can improve.
  3. if you talk bad about me , behind me, please, don't suddenly behave like we are strangers because i DON'T EVEN KNOW that you talk bad about me.
  4. you are allowed to talk behind me with your friend about my bad, but please don't make dirty gossip that it's not true since YOU DON'T KNOW the REAL me and WE ALL want to keep our image in public.
we all have our own weaknesses, we always make mistakes to others, we can gossiping, talk behind other's back about their bad, but there will always a place and time where you can do it all properly. and there is always a place for forgiveness. i may forgive you, but i shall not forget. :)

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