Journal 90: stuck

wahhh, lama ga nulis lagi. stuck di journal 89. lol

bener2 sibuk selama kuliah ini. kalo orang bilang kuliah tourism itu santai, enak, banyak jalan2nya, salah banget. sorry to disappoint your imagination, but tourism degree also same like other degree. you have to do assignments which are essay, presentation, debate, planning tour, proposal, synthesize, and of course, you have to do dissertation for your last semester. but of course, the fun time is after you passed those assignments, you got result, experience, more over connection and new friends.

mana lagi, saya disibukkan sama konser. have i mentioned this? i am helping for Borneo Jazz Music Festival Preview 2013 in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus on 7-8 May 2013. so if you have time, and you are in Malaysia, especially around Taylor's, please come and watch, because this concert is FREE! or if you like jazz, please come to Malaysia, only pay for flight ticket, hotel, food, but the concert itself is free. hehehe. there will be the real one which is Borneo Jazz Music Festival 2013 in Miri, Sarawak, if I'm not mistaken it's around 9-11 May 2013.

up there is the poster, take a look. pleaseeee, support us by coming to our campus and watch the concert!!! :D

and i feel so lucky nowwww, i won BBI Giveaway from Mbak Phie in http://www.resensiharlequin.com/
wohoooo~ thanks mbak Phie, at least 2 books out of many to-buy-list books is out from the list. te-he~

apa kalian lagi dalam mood galau? aku lagi suka sama lagu Cakra Khan - Harus Terpisah *telat banget yaa* tapi yaaa itu, lagunya bagus dan saya emang telat baru tau lagu ini. lol. yg kata adek gw dulu lagu kebalik-balik. hahahaha.

sebenernya selain promo mau curhat sih, cuma bingung harus mulai darimana, dan keburu promo konser di atas. okelah, curhatnya nanti2 aja, if I feel like wanna tell you guys all about my problem. sometimes, some problems are better to be left unsolved, but i know it won't fix anything. I'm going to find any one or counselor maybe to share my problem. not going to let you guys know all of it. hahaha.

have fun and a nice day, guys!~


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