Journal 67 : about some book reviews

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I have promised to myself that I would post Sunshine Becomes You's review. but i always forgot and i was lazy to write it. well, I don't mean that the story was boring, but I just have no time to re-read it and write the review. I promise till this week I'll re-read the book and write the review.

and i wish to write a review for 'I For You'. but yeah, i don't have any time. ouch, damn, time is everything I need now. i'm so busy although i'm still in holiday. i'm sorry.

oooohhh Twinkle twinkle~ XD
I love their MV! check this out.
their style is also awesome. i like their dresses and their hair style. and in the MV i love Tiffany!! she's so sexy yet charming. uh, i wish become beautiful like her. :D

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