Journal 56 : gong xi xin nian~

Mood : doing scenario for my first film project (serious)
Listen to : Simple Plan - Jet Lag

I might be jet-lagged.
so tired of writing this scenario, since this is my first time doing this, so I have to put my effort in it. I don't want them disappointed of me.

tomorrow is Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year~ i'm so happy, since i'll get angpao or hongpao. it's fun, but when i remember i'm quite old to receive angpao, i feel a lil' embarrass.

oh la la~ today , I did so many things but just helping my mom because of the day after. i'm tired, but i have promised my friend to finish the scenario and i also have promised to myself to finish it today and wednesday i have to give the print-out. also, i haven't done my religious subject presentation. i'm sooooooooo lazy to do that.

but , look, i still have time to write on my blog, facebook-ing. so lazy and i'm sleepy now (making some reasons to skip writing my scenario)

i don't know why i started writing this in english. in my brain, i have read it out loud in indonesia, but it just came out with english, and i don't know why. maybe because of lack of sleep or sleepy (making other reasons AGAIN!) :p


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