Journal 44 : I'm so annoying

Mood : feel sorry
Listen to : Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

well, I felt sorry to my friends. really, i didn't mean it. i didn't mean to say that to show off or in a sarcasm way. just want to say it. sometimes, i know that my mouth act first than my head. i'm really sorry. wish she read this post. >.<

and I know that lately i'm being so annoying. to be talkative. and i'm trying to be a quiet person. hope they won't hate me again. aaaa. life is so difficult lately. :(

i always wish for simple thing, but why God haven't made it come true? it's simple, i want everybody be friend with me. i wish i didn't hurt them from my words or else.

aaaaaaaaa. i don't know i don't know. :((

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