Journal 37 : I...I must forget it...

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wow, blogger has new color. it's blue!

aaa. I want to tell sth about the night before. duh, why did I dream about him? I think, I just consider him as a classmate. but now, I don't know how to act while he also sits beside my friend!!
I can't act normally/naturally, or whatever, and I'm afraid to lose words when I'm with him.

and this thing came. one of the girls said that "aaa, kau ni, kasih ke dia, ke dia, ke dia (aku)". oh no. aku langsung menyangkal bgtu saja, and I can't see his face. but I think he has no feeling to me or others, but I don't know about the others. this guy is just too hideous (?). I even can't read what he thought about.

yaaa. tomorrow have history test. wish me luck. and saturday , everyone said that we're gonna watch SEA GAMES at Jakabaring, Palembang. uhhh, the transport, so sure, is too expensive. even the tickets, we don't know how much it cost.

uhhh, i must stop dreaming of something impossible and I must study right now! byeeee~
*oh, no, my parents are back!*

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