Journal 35 : It's SEA GAMES!

Mood : Happy~
Listen to : Maaya Sakamoto-Triangular

yeay~ lately I'm so happy since last time I watched 'Lie to Me' which was starred by Yoon Eun Hye! well, I love her acting and in this film, her acting is good. I like it but it seems to much look like Princess Hours, which she played as the main actress in it, and the role is kinda same. use necklace or ring to accept the proposal. I think the director seems influent by Princess Hours :|
but still. I love her acting. I felt emotionally when watching the drama. aaaa. I really wanna work in tourism!

andddd. finally, it's SEA GAMES! we will have holiday for 3 days, but it's okay! it's more than enough! at least I could rest and relax, forget about the assignment because I'll finish it all tonight! so I could sleep along the day~ :D oh heaven~

oh, I have planned what I'm gonna do in holiday. maybe karaoke *this one, I was just asked by my friends, but they doesn't know if the road will be blocked or not*, and I'm gonna read those novels and comics I was just bought, waiting for it arrives in my house :D
watching those dramas I haven't finished from last June. hehehe.

playing Coco Girl really reminds me about the Japanese game I've played before, but my account was deleted because it against their rule. dunno, I just forget it. one I remember is I cursed that game. wkwkk. so bad, better not to copy it. :P

Now, time to stop playing and start the work!

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