Let's celebrate it!

now, watching kaichou wa maid sama OVA eps 1 from this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKI0itBDggY&feature=player_embedded#at=141 which given by hime-senpai

o my God! what I can say about this anime, is really, truly, I'm in love with this!!!! XDD the OVA has more comedy in it, which makes me laugh more!!! XD

about the title, I mean, happy Lunar New Year 2562 and two days later is Valentine's Day~
I hope I got lotsa choco! choco ga suki! XD

well well, are u guys feel exciting when the Valentine's comes? actually, I'm not. besides i have no boyfriend, i dunno to whom i should give chocos. etto, and i have less money to make it by myself.

recently, i got bad mood so fast, and thinking that I'm such a cry-baby. i even never thought that people who i considerate as friends will do things like that to me. it's bad, i feel wanna do revenge to them, but i remind myself it's just a waste of energy.

i enjoy my life now, they left me alone, but i still has two best friends :D
which makes me so happy.
one my friend, left me alone, because she thinks , always, about herself, not mature i think, although people always praise her highly. huwaaaa... nooo, i don't feel like thinking negative things of someone will gimme another pleasure.

my guilty pleasure recently is CHUPA CHUPS lollipop strawberry. ooo, how i really like it, guys. XD
u should try~ XD

nee nee, i wanna download some songs maybe, and then off my computer. you know, i have been in front of computer since 4 or 5 hours more ago.

see ya~ ;D7

P.S : now it's raining heavily. cold~

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