Happy Mom's Day~

look like everyone talking about today. is today a special day?
YUP! today is Mom's Day~
have u given ur mom a greeting like "Happy Mom's Day. I love you, Mom"
or maybe u have given ur Mom a gift?
well, talking about gift, we are not asked to give a such expensive one, but are we really truly want to give it. not from its price, but from our heart :)
so, if u havent given anything, just give what u truly want, just greeting? it's okay, or give ur mother a helping. it must be useful for her. and also u can increase ur point in front of ur mom. LOL.

3 years old: "Mommy, I love you" :*
10 years old: "Mom whatever!" 3-|
16 years old: "OMG! My Mom is so annoying!" :s
18 years old: "I wanna leave this house" >:
25 years old: "Mom, you were right" X_X
30 years old: "I wanna go back to my Mom's house." ({})
50 years old: "I don't wanna lose my Mom" :(
70...years old: "I would give up EVERYTHING for my Mom to be here with me" :'(

Sometimes our moms can be so hard to understand. But hell, THEY ALWAYS KNOW what's best for us.

My mom's the one who taught me about LOVE. So I think today am gonna let it all out
:) are ya? ;)

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