let's do something stupid!

well"~ today i wanna be crazy, just once *actually im always crazy :P*

i have lotsa things i wanna say..
not just in poem or kind of story
but, i always wanna try to speak forward
i always hide myself in the shadow
but, now, imma going to out from this shadow and speak loud, so that u can hear, what i really want

i always want to make a FACTS PAGE about me, so that ppl can know about me well.
i wanna tell ppl that im so stingy, but i always be kind to my friends and especially my best friends :)
i'm a sensitive, active but sometimes passive, i always try to make everybody knows me, because i HATE alone or being lonely, and etc. haha

i always wanna do the MOST crazy thing that ppl never done before.
i always wanna try to learn piano, violin, i love those instruments :)

i want my friends never forget about me. because it makes me sad, like they forgot to invite me to their birthday party, i think that they just thought that i'm just an acquaintance

i always wanna say that i really LOVE "YOU".
and actually, u have known about this feeling, but im sure u just think im a kid
a lil' girl :(
and i wanna say that i always accept u watever u are, whoever u are.
but, as i know before, u hv ur own girl. i just wanna say hope u r happy wif the girl u like...

i always wanna try to study French and Korean, Japanese, i love learn languages
but my mom doesnt know about my passion
and i love to learn many cultures, that makes me know more that what common people know.

i want everybody knows what i feel, i love ppl know the way i thought, i like ppl know what i like, wat i love, wat i dislike, and the most is they know wat i really want!

i think i'm so stupid today, crazy YES!, hell ya. i just wanna tell ya guys about wat i feel, although these facts may hurt some of my friends who read this, it's okay, i just tell the truth :)

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