he is just my friend

Mood : Happy~
Song : S.E.O.U.L Song~ - Super Junior ft. SNSD

i felt so happy last wednesday
he asked me for chatting, because usually, i asked him first.
i love to tell him story.
*ups, u know who i mean in this post*
well, if i just love to tell him my story, does that mean i like him?
no , right?
i just feel comfortable with him. he's a good listener, he loves joking and makes me laugh lots, can't help it if u are with him.
and i think, he will be one of my best friends because that's so rare to find someone who could along with me.
no wonder if i got many friends but they just passed in and out in my life.
he's different, i'm sure that he just think of me as a friend :)
ya know, best friend is everlasting when love just pass by.

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