this week :(

very very bad..
aaaa.. before that..
i wanna tell u about my 3 days without computer
and EXACTLY : IT'S LIKE YOU LIVE WITHOUT EAT!!! oooo noooooooo...
ok , maybe I'm tooo dramatically...

aaaaaaaa... especially i HATE TODAY!!!
really sooooooooooo bad , but not bad at all laaa
some of 'em still good
buttt.. actually, some is worst
today , math test is canceled, soooo.. wat i studied last night just in VAIN!!!
and tonight, my parents' trying to play wif my emotion
okay, I'm a patient girl, but actually, I'm NOT as PATIENT as wat they guessed before
and i could break the bedroom door as wat i want, and that's the TRUTH!
but i still think about the cost to repair it..
and OF COURSE it will be taken from my money

and at this afternoon, why my aunties were sooooooooooooooooooooo BUSYBODY!!! actually, i have said before that i didn't wanna move bcoz it would take much times, and since my cousin is late for her college at that time. o my goddess! why they should stare me like that? im not a kid!! plizz REALIZE!!
and should my mom be angry to me? i thought no, but my mo m yes., that's why she's sooo stupid, while she thinks wif her heart and i think wif my brain! ==

ok, i think i'm too emotion too
use my heart in this case
see ya next time

PS : kyuhyun-oppa really makes me feel relax. LOL :P

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