still me..

sitting in front of the porch
looking at the rain
it's pouring down
when the wind blows my face
feels the air on my skin

still me...
waiting for you
though it's raining or cloudy
still me..
who never changing
the one you recognize...

still me...
staring at the sky
with this confuse feeling
waiting for the uncertainty between us

still me..
see the sky without star tonight
has decided
no doubt
it's an end for us...

everybody said I'm changed...
I'm sure you never know..
coz you just want the still-me
which i had left...


im stuck here. sorry. will continue it. have any suggestion? :3

>> finish 2:49pm
oh nooo.. i'm sure this is just a weird poem.
im not going to make it be a poem
just wanna pour down those words which has left in my head :P

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