famous type? or shy?

hmm.. I'm sure that you all know that I'm a famous type! hohoho
*sorry for disturbing*
well, i love being famous~ being surrounded by people :D
but, it doesn't mean I'm a narcissistic girl :*

talking about famous, you have known why many people famous and some not *i think every one knows why* :P
they become famous because many people admire them, respect them, praise them, etc :D
*me too , me too!!! :P* *kicked*
and why they can be famous? because they :
  • beautiful/pretty >>everyone loves this type :D
  • cheerful :D
  • comedian
  • not arrogant >>it's a must!
  • unique
  • has special ability >>some of them :)
  • etc >>as ya know laa.
who says be a famous person is good? or we got many access?
yes , the second is true, but the first is wrong!
some of common people *sorry, if I'm rude* are jealous with them. they are jealous because they are jealous . hahaa. I'm kidding :P >>ok, that's true :P

and I think many people wanna be famous too *like me , the example*
*ignore me, I'm just fooling around :P*

ok.. not everyone is a famous type, but some of them is shy type too
hoho :P
actually, they could, but they are shy, or is supported by their characters :P

why they don't wanna be famous? because they don't want! that's all, thank you
they don't wanna show themselves in the public, don't wanna be an actress/or actor
be a shy person is good, but if we close ourselves from public, that means you are weird!!!
sorry! ><

the-not-good-side is
  • others will act we are nothing
  • they won't recognize us >>the most not-good is they even don't know who we are
  • etc. as ya know laa.. :P
huwaaa... i always stuck...
i'll edit it if I get another idea bout this :)

be a common, usual, it's okay, be a famous is MORE than okay! XD

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