back to school.. back to old time..

hmm.. time is sure passed away.. but we always remember about that past..
got dizzy here while typing (or writing) here bcoz of the heat... :((
let's see.. hmm.. maybe i'll have holiday on 2 months later.. aaaaaa... just christmas.. but it's okay, than should writing, do assignment in house.. :(
actually, im not sure about wat should i write.. ehem. type here.. coz of, im still dizzy here.. :(( so hotttt here.. :(( Hime-senpai, arigatou gozaimashitaaaa~ m(_ _)m

yeay~ setelah lama banget ngga dapet award.. dapet lagi sekarang.. arigatou~ hontou ni arigatou.
*actually i admit, that my blog is soooooooo rarely updated.. im sorry, tumblr is easier than blog. hehe, coz of that, this blog is sooooooooooo lonely >> eh, no one wanna visit..

i'll answer the questions now!

1. Menurut kalian, blog hime gimana..?
>> keren! rapi, dan ga penuh kayak blog q.. hehe.. soalna orang kan pusing juga liat blog yang rame. kayak pepatah " two is couple when three are too crowds!"
2. Apa yang membuat kalian suka pada blogging? :)
>> coz, from blogging, i can write all things in my head , which has been full coz of full of things i wanna write :D and give many ppl my knowledge which i have :D7

i give this award for :
>>actually ,i dunno wat this award is for. but, good reader? hmm.. i dun think i have a good reader, but i always be a good reader. hehe :)

first : hime-senpai >>thank u so much that u always keep reading my blog, although i know this blog is just nothing but silly as well. hehe.
second : litta a.k.a reiko >> for suggestion, opinion, and critics. hehe :P7. pliz dont make lotsa blog. remember , u has had 4 blogs. :P

that's all the end of the world, eh , the word. hehe
why i use english in this post? this is showed that im stress now. bye~ XD

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