ow my God!!!
it has been a long time since i never write in this blog again...
hukx hukx..
how are u today all??
i think i'm not fine as well...
recently , every one quarrel... i think it was a virus or what, but, maybe because of a trend~
i dunno...
i have no problem with that, bcoz i can ignore it, but sometimes it really noisy!!!
and as u know that, i really hate "my" younger "sister", "she" -if u can call her a human nickname or watever- so rude recently, has bad behaviour, maybe it's bcoz of her friends' influence.. ~.~

ow yeah, lately, i was busy with my school, from this month till november is the busiest one, bcoz we have to do many stuff-trash maybe- such as assignments, tasks, test, exam, club, olympiad, etc.
and ya know, i'm sooooooooo like to be busy yaaa??
coz, i join many club -german, mandarin, and english club, also i join student council too
waw.. so many ya? i like to make busy myself..
well, not that is the reason, i just wanna try everything in this year bcoz i couldn't try it last year.
10th grade is so busy... so i don't have many time to do stuff like student council, so , just try it this year.. i just have this passion so far.

hmm.. i think , i just wanna share that..
if u wanna know my activities, just see my tumblr :D
maybe , from some days i won't active in it, but i'll try to update it :)


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